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OCES People/Team

The Oriental Culture Educational Society is a dynamic and inclusive 'people.based' voluntary society.  What it has achieved since its foundation has been due to trustees, officers and advisors past and present each bringing their talents to its work and helping to develop its vision through their own valuable guidance and insights.

Current OCES Trustees:

  • Dr Albert Barcellos
  • Betty Ong-Stevens
  • Alan Mercel-Sanca
  • Sebastian Gray
  • Wenxi Li
  • Father John Hyde
  • Xiaojing Barnes
  • Yumei Yang
  • Andrew Yearp

Current Principal officers/advisors (June 2012)

  • Alan Mercel-Sanca: Chairperson
  • Sebastian Gray: Company Secretary and Treasurer, and also Chief Marketing Officer
  • Wenxi Li: Vice-chairperson covering BU Chinese students community engagement.  Wenxi is President of the Bournemouth University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)
  • Xiaojing Barnes: Advisor
  • Father John Hyde: Equality Officer
  • Fan Wu: Advisor
  • Dr John Guan: Advisor
  • Andrew Yearp: Vice-chairperson and IT Advisor
  • Yumei Yang: Events management Advisor

Other officers and advisors, past and present

  • Ben Henning-Smith: Former trustee and Founder Member
  • Jade Huang: Advisor for Mandarin language study
  • Gigi Lau: Briefly a former Co-chair (March 2012)
  • Meili Wang: Former Trustee and a senior CSSA Officer (2010 - 2011)


  • Ram Hari Adhikari: Honorary OCES Member and Advisor for Nepalese Culture



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The Oriental Culture Educational Society is a charitable company registered in England Reg No. 7176662.