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其他重要讯息类别:求助热线、东亚信仰团体、手机、停车 / 其他重要訊息類別:求助熱線、東亞信仰團體、手機、停車 / Other: helpline; East Asian Faith groups; Parking; more


Other useful information concerning Helplines, East Asian Faith Groups in the Dorset area, Mobile Phones terms and conditions and contracts, and Parking.


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Samaritans organisation website, visit:   and about contacting (talk to someone), visit: 

Samaritans of Dorset (Weymouth-based), visit:

Samaritans helpline number: 08457 90 90 90

The Sojourner project provides a Helpline and  a secure and confidential emergency residence for women and children who are unsafe in their own homes due to violence and abuse:


General religious faith groups information:


Dorset NHS Multi-cultural and Religious Resource Information Pack, visit: 

Bournemouth Borough Council Diversity information resource, visit: 

Mainly Christian, but includes links to other faiths too:  and

Contact details and information about local humanist groups can be found at:


 Dorset Area East Asian / Chinese religious faith groups:

Note: for Humanism please see above


Bournemouth Area Buddhist Group - Boscombe
Nigel Watkins
01202 304207

Buddhist Centre Bournemouth
(SAKYA THUBTEN LING Tibetan Buddhist Centre)
Shelbourne Road, Bournemouth
01202 538108
Website, visit:

Bournemouth Zen Dojo - Victoria Road, Poole
Jason Miller
01202 718524 (Evenings)
Will Roscoe
01202 547392
Website, visit:  

Bournemouth & District Buddhist Group
Meets at The Religious society of Friends
16 Wharncliffe Road
Bournemouth BH5 1AH
Tel: 01202 397806
(Meets twice a month on 2nd & 4th Thursdays at 7.30 pm – except August)

South Dorset Buddhist Group
(Weymouth every Thurs evening)
Sati Sati
01305 786821


Poole Chinese Christian Fellowship.
Mo-Wah Leong
C/O Winton United Reform Church
Luther Road

Faithnet Southwest(Supports faith groups engaging in social or community activity in the South West region.)

Clare Mortimore
Maltings Resource Centre
Teign Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 4AA
01626 200 501

South West Christian Ministeries:

Christian Priests & Pastors in the South West of England offering a wide range of personal ministry throughout the area.     Offering & celebrating unconditional love & acceptance to ALL meeting YOU where you are at.  Website:


Telephoning abroad from the UK, and Mobile Phones:

International Telephone Cards:

These international phone cards, typically costing £5 or £10 and available at many venues such as grocery stores and off-licences run by overseas proprietors, offer the best value for money for making calls from the UK to all countries abroad.  Landline and mobile phone companies cannot compete with these cards in terms of their very low tariffs.  The only matter to remember is that typically the card has to be used within a month of purchase -- check the small print (or ask the vendor about this).

How to use the International Telephone Cards, such as Asia First, etc (the shopkeeper will be able to advise you which are the best cards for making calls to destinations in the Far East, Africa, etc):  Scratch off the covering to reveal the authentication code.  You can then use this number prior to making your call, and can do so via landlines, call boxes, and via mobiles (but check the small print about using via mobiles, some conditions may apply).

Warning: regarding international students entering into Mobile Phone Contracts:

Wherever possible international students should avoid entering into mobile phone contracts, the clauses of the latter frequently leaving opportunity for one to be billed at a much higher tariff than what it was believed had been signed for.  For example a Chinese student, new to Bournemouth University within a few weeks of arriving took out a mobile phone contract through one of the UK's major mobile phone networks. The contract was supposed to give a good amount of international calls talktime, but in practise this did not transfer to making calls to China.  The result was the student's first monthly bill came to an additional £800!! 

In practice the staff at the store could not explain the clauses and conditions that enabled such charging to take place -- in contradiction to the seemingly good tariff the student thought she had signed for.  Thus much stress was caused, as well as cost, to the student by the shortcomings of taking out a mobile phone contract without being warned of the dangers. 

This is an extreme but not uncommon ocurrence: the guidance offered is to NOT ENTER INTO MOBILE PHONE CONTRACTS, and to use International Phone Cards instead for international calls.


For consumer information on buying a mobile phone handset and mobile phone service, your rights if either is unsatisfactory, and how to resolve problems, visit:

Mobile phone contracts guidance, visit: 


Driving licences, Traffic Accidents, Parking Fines:

About Driving tests, visit :

Traffic accidents information, visit:

Parking Fines information, visit 



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