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就業,找工作,和國家退休金的信息 / Employment, finding Work, and State Pensions



For information about and help with work and employment,  and about state pensions. 


如果您的母语是中文, 本网站的所有网页都可以通过复制再用谷歌翻译工具的方式来使用。应用方法是:您可以打开谷歌主网页


The Department for Work and Pensions, visit

National Insurance Number and National Insurance requirements information, visit


Jobcentre Plus programmes and services, visit

Jobcentre Plus Programme Centres for help with job seeking and job applications, visit:

Finding your local Jobcentre Plus office, visit:⟨=en

UK national information of pensions and related topics, visit:

Poole Partnerships Pensions advice, visit:,organisation,5031,233,00.htm  


稅:對稅種和稅務的信息 / 税:对税种和税务的信息 /Tax and HM Revenue and Customs

Types of tax and the Inland Revenue

General information about Money and Taxes, visit:

HM Revenue and Customs information, visit: 



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