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緊急服務 / Emergency Services

關於英國的應急服務- 警察,救護車,消防和救援,海岸警衛隊- 和999報警電話。

关于英国的应急服务 - 警察,救护车,消防和救援,海岸警卫队 - 和999报警电话。

About the UK Emergency Services – Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, and HM Coastguard – and when and how to contact them, 999 calls.

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Advice to migrant workers from the Emergency 

999 Calls: Emergency ‘999’ calls enable you to seek assistance from the three main UK emergency services, (Police, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance) or HM Coastguard:
For useful information about making an emergency call, visit:  and also visit the Red Cross website:

Other guidance when making an emergency call, visit:

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service in Simplified Chinese, visit|zh-CN 

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service in Traditional Chinese, visit:|zh-TW

UK national Fire Kills website, visit: 

NHS First Aid Guide, visit 


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