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健康与国民保健服务 / Health and NHS


有关如何访问NHS服务- 注册与医生/科医生(GP); NHS牙医;非工作时间[非紧急]护理;事故和紧急情况,等等 -急救信息,找到医院,更包括帮助与NHS的医疗费用。

有關如何訪問 NHS服務- 註冊與醫生/科醫生(GP); NHS牙醫;非工作時間[非緊急]護理;事故和緊急情況,等等 -急救信息,找到醫院,更包括幫助與 NHS的醫療費用。

About how to access NHS services – register with a Doctor / General Practitioner (GP); an NHS Dentist; Out of Hours [non-emergency] Care; Accident and Emergency, etc – First Aid information, locate a hospital, and more including help with NHS health costs.



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OCES, NHS/LINks/Dorset Race Equality Council Dorset supported Chinese community NHS services access and engagement project:

The OCES in conjunction with Bournemouth and Poole NHS PCT, Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole LINks, Dorset Race Equality Council and other supporting organisations such as the DHUFT, has created an important Dorset Chinese community NHS services access and engagement pack.  This can be viewed through the following link: 


 NHS Bournemouth and Poole equality and diversity engagement links:

Link for NHS Dorset’s Equality and Diversity page:

NHS Bournemouth and Poole equality and diversity information:


Health service provision Questionnaire Survey for all Dorset Chinese residents and Chinese international students studying in Bournemouth-Poole and Dorset: Please view this important link, and if you would like to help with providing valuable guidance concerning your experience of accessing NHS health services kindly complete the survey and email your completed questionnaire to Sarah at Dorset LINks:


NHS Choices website: How to find and register with a local GP (General Practitioner [Doctor]), NHS Dentist, access local health services such as pharmacies, opticians, carer support, find your local hospital, A & E (Accident and Emergency), Minor injury units and walk-in centres --  Visit:

Access to GP Services in Dorset pamphlet: The Oriental Culture Educational Society is very appreciative of the Patient Information Team of the NHS Dorset Communications Department, and their translators, Applied Language Solutions, for translating this important information about accessing GP services at our request. Click here to view the pamphlet in Simplified Chinese:    The originalEnglish version can be viewed here.

Dorset and Bournemouth and Poole Out of Hours NHS Medical Services: for use if you are unwell but NOT facing a life-threatening emergency and you think you cannot wait until your GP surgery opens: 


The 24 hour GP - using the GP out of hours service

Did you know that you can access a GP 24 hours a day?  Using the GP out-of-hours service is an easy way to get treatment during bank holiday weekends, as well as throughout the year.  All GPs across Dorset offer an ‘out-of-hours’ service by calling 0845 600 1013 when your surgery is closed.

GP services:  to contact the Dorset Urgent Care Service, please telephone 0845 600 10 13
Dental services:  to contact an NHS dentist out of hours, please telephone 0845 70 10 401


General information about NHS Services and Treatments
, visit:

Help with NHS Health costs (dental; eye care; prescriptions), visit

Bournemouth and Poole area Local Health Services, visit:

General information about the National Health Service, visit:

NHS Direct Health Advice and Information page, visit  -- NHS Direct telephone contact info page (for use if you are actually unwell: NOT for general health advice enquiries)

NHS Accidents and First Aid information
, visit:

NHS First Aid Guide, visit


Mental Wellness links and information

NHS Mental Health information, visit:

NHS Guide to finding mental health support (speak first with your GP who will be able to advise)
-- visit:

Non-UK [New Zealand], but useful bilingual (Mandarin - English) information resource for ethnic Chinese people concerning mental wellness issues.  To learn more visit the following article about the New Zealand Kai Xin Xing Dong [KXXD]'Like Minds' project, or visit the Kai Xin Xing Dong website:

Alzheimer's information resource in Simplified Chinese provided by the Department of Health and Alzheimer's Society; material kindly provided by Dorset Health Care Foundation Trust.  Click here to visit the resource in Simplified Chinese:'s%20%20information%20in%20Simplified%20Chinese.pdf

Time to Change: The Time-to-Change website, campaigning for an end to mental health discrimination (information kindly provided by Dorset Health Care NHS Foundation Trust): 

Body Positive Dorset:

A positive response resource centre for all people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Website:

 Poole Borough Council Gateway Services: The access point for mental health services in Poole.  Visit their website or call 01202 633 583



An English-Chinese medical terms guide

LINks - Local Involvement Network, visit:

LINks - Winter Newsletter 2009 - Issue 8:,document,5548,450,00.htm

Source: Choices for Living Your Life directory: visit:

Source is a new online advice information and support directory for all adults in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, particularly for those with support and care needs.  It provides information on: Getting Around, Health and Well-Being, Caring for someone, and Housing and Care Homes.


Dying Mattters:
Dying Matters is a broad based and inclusive UK national coalition of just under 14,000 members, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards death, dying and bereavement. For information about their important work visit:

If you know of a useful appropriate link that you feel should be included on this page, please email it to us!


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