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Indonesian culture article and the PPI - UK

 A number of months ago, OCES officers Alan Mercel-Sanca and Sebastian Gray began a culture exchange dialogue with Rizky PH and Urfano Andara, rerspectively the General Secretary and the President of the Dorset Branch of the PPI-UK (the official organisation for Indonesian Students in the UK). To learn more about the PPI-UK please visit:

As a result Urfano produced a very special and interesting article about key symbols (the Pancasila), textile art (Batik), and the cosmopolitan character of Indonesia: the article can be viewed under the new Indonesian Culture section of the Other Cultures section of this website.  We are very appreciative to Urfano for this material that provides a valuable glimpse into the cultural diversity and richness of Indonesia.

Dorset Police engagement work with PPI - UK: In late June, the OCES facilitated a Dorset Police cultural   awareness engagement meeting at Bournemouth University, specifically to assist the Learning Development Unit of Dorset Police through PCSO Nikki Spencer learning more about international students cultural and practical issues: Rizky and Urfano [to left and right respectively in the image above] contributing valuable input to the session on behalf of Indonesian students in the UK.   Rizky and Urfano are at the invitation of Alan Mercel-Sanca, translating the OCES ethnic communities NHS services access pack into Bahasa Indonesian for potential use by the broader UK Indonesian students community.

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