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Speaker of the House of Commons visit to Bournemouth University

 Alan Mercel-Sanca (OCES Chairperson) and Wenxi Li (President of the Bournemouth University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, and Vice Chairperson of the OCES) were kindly invited to attend the recent special visit of the Rt Hon John John Bercow MP Speaker of the House of Commons to Bournemouth University on 8th July.

The invitation to Alan and Wenxi, as representatives of both the OCES and CSSA, was made by the Bournemouth 2026 organisation at the kind suggestion of Mrs Chris Shiel, Head of the university's internationally renowned Centre for Global Perspectives. 

A display of selected OCES exhibition panels was provided at the event: one detailing Chinese medical diagnostics and concepts. whose details were provided by Dr Alan Tinnion (Shanghai Universcity of Chinese Medicine, and OCES technical advisor), and the other displaying a recent BU events management OCES sponsored project by BU undergraduates into study of feng shui in the local Bournemouth urban environment.  The image to left includes the panels display and Alan, Mrs Chris Shiel, and Wenxi.

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